Report on Rape in South Africa

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    Aisling Heath

    A report was released last year which looked at almost 4000 cases of rape and examined the bottlenecks, statistics relating to the nature of the complaint and the age of the complainant amongst many other thins – a very interesting read – it shows how many cases fall through the cracks along the road to convictions. It is available to download from our resources section. The reference is: Mercilene Machisa, Ruxana Jina, Gerard Labuschagne, Lisa Vetten, Lizle Loots, Sheena Swemmer, Bonita Meyersfeld, Rachel Jewkes. (2017). Rape Justice In South Africa: A Retrospective Study Of The Investigation, Prosecution And Adjudication Of Reported Rape Cases From 2012. Pretoria, South Africa. Gender and Health Research Unit, South African Medical Research Council. or from this link

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